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Are you currently facing water damage in your home?

Let our dependable and experienced water damage restoration professionals remedy any water related disaster, small or large. Whether the damage was the result of an overflowing toilet, flooding from a storm, overflowing sprinklers, leaky appliances, sewer backups, or leaky or broken pipes, our cleanup crew will deal with the mess and get you properly dried out. Our professionals are insured and licensed and will even work directly with your insurance provider. For a free estimate, call 800-545-1795.

Most homeowners would agree that it is very frustrating to discover water damage in an office or dwelling. Fortunately, we can not only remove the water, we can also lower your stress levels. At Murphy and Son’s, we provide free estimates and after an initial assessment, we will extract the water from the damaged area of your home with professional equipment. We then take out any materials that were affected, dry out moist or flooded sections, clean and deodorize, and restore your home to its previous condition.

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Repairing Water Damage

Resolving the source of the water leak is our first step. Whether it’s sewage backup, a supply line problem, a leaky pipe, a slab leak, or a malfunctioning toilet, fixing the water leak is the initial step that must be taken. For this reason, we provide free camera inspection and free leak detection, along with a no-strings-attached estimate.

Removing Water and Moisture

After addressing the source of the flood, sewage and standing water are removed from the damaged areas.  For extensive sewage backups or large floods, the affected area is pumped out with professional equipment. We may use vacuums for smaller jobs, and depending on the type of damage that occurred, water extraction may be necessary both before and after removal and cleanup.

Removal and Disposal

After all water and moisture are removed, the damages are evaluated and materials that cannot be salvaged are disposed of. The latter may include carpet padding, carpeting, plaster, ceilings, drywall, and personal belongings damaged by the moisture. Unfortunately, porous items such as newspapers, magazines, books, and certain furniture pieces may need to be discarded.

Drying Out the Affected Area

After disposing of items for which restoration is not possible, we use industrial dehumidifiers and professional grade air movers to dry the sections of the structure that were damaged, as well as any materials that are salvageable. We monitor our equipment closely to prevent further damage and ensure the fastest possible drying time.

Deodorizing and Sanitizing

After the drying process is complete, we thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the affected areas with the objective of preventing the proliferation of mold and to stop odors from developing as time goes on. We not only sanitize and deodorize structural materials, such as walls, ceilings and flooring, we also treat affected fabrics, furniture, and other items that could be rescued.

Reconstruction Work

Rebuilding and restoring damaged areas to their original condition are the final steps of the water damage restoration process. Such tasks might include laying new carpet, refinishing hardwood floors, installing new or additional cabinets, and hanging fresh drywall. Fixing structural issues and replacing damaged appliances may also be necessary.

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Allow our skilled professionals to evaluate your water damage and offer a free, no-obligation estimate on restoring your home or office to its prior condition.

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Allow our skilled professionals to evaluate your water damage and offer a free, no-obligation estimate on restoring your home or office to its prior condition.

Emergency Service Available 24-Hours a Day

Water damage strikes without warning, and therefore we provide 24-hour emergency services for any kind of water damage restoration or cleanup.

Rapid Response Time

The longer water and sewage stands, the more extensive the damage. We respond immediately to reduce repair costs and limit the amount of damage.

Licensed and Insured

Our experts are insured and licensed to guarantee your protection throughout the restoration process.

Professional Techniques and Equipment

Our restoration crews use advanced techniques and commercial grade equipment to restore your home or business.

We’ll Work With Your Insurance Provider

It can be difficult to navigate through what is covered or not covered by an insurance policy. We work with your provider to get as much covered as possible.

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Common Causes of Water Damage

Where there are pipes, there is always the possibility of a leak. Call Murphy and Son’s plumbing professionals in Orange County if you find yourself in this situation and need your water damage cleaning and restoration.

  • Broken, burst or leaking water pipes
  • Flooding from coastal flooding or rain
  • Overflowing sinks, toilets, showers, or tubs
  • Slow or clogged drains
  • Mainline stoppages or sewage clogs
  • Dishwasher leakage
  • Leaking washer hose
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking hot water tank
  • Burst hot water tank
  • Sump pump backups or failures
  • Leaking doors, windows, or roof
  • Water damage from firefighters

Negative Consequences

There are many negative consequences of water damage, from structural or electrical damage to mold and bacteria growth. Below are some types of water damage:


Cosmetic Damage

Water can discolor and stain ceilings, floors, carpeting, and walls. It can also weaken plaster and drywall, and tarnish metal surfaces after a very short time.


Structural Damage

Depending on the amount of water, it can permanently damage or severely weaken the structural integrity of your home or office. Plaster and drywall may crumble or disintegrate, and wooden studs and subflooring can split or warp.

Growth of Bacteria and Mold

Black or gray water often cause the growth of mold and bacteria. Even standing water from a clean source that creates constant dampness in an area can lead to mold problems if not remedied. Standing sewage can result in the growth of bacteria and subsequent health risks.

Damage to Electrical Systems and Appliances

Appliances are often damaged by standing water or sewage. Such items include electrical outlets and wiring, hot water tanks, refrigerators, furnaces, washers and dryers, and dishwashers.

Damage to Personal Property

Water damage can also destroy personal property, including photographs, books, personal electronic devices, and possessions such as televisions, sound systems or musical instruments.

Call Today to Find Out About Water Restoration Services

Whether you have broken or leaky pipes, a flooded crawlspace or basement, damage from a storm, septic tank or sewage backup, sump pump failure, or overflowing or backed up drains, we are here to help. Regardless of what caused your water related emergency, our professionals can clean your home or office and restore it to its original condition. Whether you need commercial water mitigation or residential water damage restoration, we can recommend the ideal solution. Our business offers top-notch, full-service water damage cleanup and restoration services, and our professionals have years of experience. For a free estimate call 800-545-1792. We provide round-the-clock emergency service, seven days a week. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water emergency is in the hands of our professional restoration specialists.

The Importance of Choosing Water Damage Restoration Experts

Cleaning commercial or residential water damage is a complex task that requires the use of appropriate equipment. Damage becomes much worse when water is allowed to sit, which means it is imperative to contact a professional water damage company and have the situation assessed in a timely manner. This way the water can be extracted quickly, which in turn limits the water damage.

Murphy and Son’s assists property owners like yourself with home restoration and water damage mitigation. Our experts are committed to responding quickly to any emergency you have involving water damage.

Call 800-545-1792 to speak to a water damage restoration expert in your area and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.