home for sale signIt is also essential to be able to recognize the telltale signs of plumbing problems so that you can head off minor issues before they become expensive repairs. Our emergency plumbers in Laguna Niguel have compiled the following tips to help you spot the warning signs of plumbing problems in your new home:

Learn About Your Home’s Plumbing History

It is important to learn something about the plumbing history of the home you plan to purchase. Information can be obtained from the home’s former occupants and your realtor.  When you have a clear picture of the property’s history, you are in a better position to make informed decisions concerning any issues that may arise with your septic system, pipes, water tank or other system components.

Outdated Sewage System

Determining the age and condition of the home’s sewage system is also vital. Most sewer systems exit the home at its lowest point. If it is a municipal system, the wastewater is carried to a city main. However, septic tanks typically allow the wastewater to run into a larger tank located on the property. If your home has a septic tank, inspect it for water seepage of any kind, as well as for unpleasant odors. If the sewage system is particularly old, a licensed contractor should be called to complete a full inspection.

Water Heater Problems

Although most water heaters typically have a generous lifespan, they all eventually fail. Look around the bottom of your water heater to discover if there are any leaks. Even a small leak is a sign of a problem, and a professional contractor should be called. Such an individual can also determine whether or not the home’s current water heater has the appropriate capacity for the dwelling.


It is unwise to ignore toilets that run constantly. Even though such leaks may appear small and insignificant, constantly running toilets may indicate big problems. If the commode show signs of leakage around the bottom, this should be addressed immediately, as it may damage the finish of the floor or even result in structural damage to the subfloor.

Garbage Disposals or Drains That Clog Easily

If your home features a garbage disposal that clogs easily, or if any of the home’s sinks are slow to drain, you should have your plumbing inspected. Clogs should never be ignored, as they can lead to more expensive problems if they are not remedied in a timely manner.

Poorly Installed Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause serious damage. Therefore, you should look for warning signs, such as worn pipes, rusty or corroded joints–especially elbow joints, which usually rust quicker than other fixtures–and leaks of any size. If the supply pipes to your home are galvanized, they are probably quite old and may require replacement in the immediate future.

If drains appear restricted when water is flowing down, the piping system may no longer be large enough to sustain the amount of water the home uses. If your new house is very old and features asbestos insulation, never attempt even the simplest of DIY projects. Instead, call a professional who has the tools and experience to deal with the problem. Finally, always have a licensed plumber evaluate, repair and maintain the plumbing system in your new home.

If you are purchasing a home, whether you have owned property before or are investing in your first dwelling, you should strongly consider having a plumber  inspect the home’s plumbing system before making an offer.