Virtually all property owners cringe at the thought of pipes leaking in their home and the damage or expensive repairs that may follow. For this reason, it is always wise to get in touch with leak- detection plumbers in Orange County if you think you have leaky pipes or suspect a problem might be under way. In addition, understanding what causes leaks can go a long way toward their prevention. Below are some tips on leak detection and how such plumbing issues can be avoided:

Stopping Leaks Before They Start

Preventing leaks is the best way to make sure you never have unnecessary plumbing bills. Fortunately, it is not difficult to take proper care of your pipes. Begin with regularly-scheduled leak inspections to avoid problems. Many plumbing companies offer leak inspections. If you have them inspect your home on a regular basis, you can catch leaky pipes in the making and entirely avoid problems. Besides preventative inspections, the following are the best three ways to avoid leaks.

Avoid the Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Any leak-detection plumber will tell you that using chemical drainers is one of the worst things you can do to remedy clogs. This is because, unfortunately, such formulas cannot tell the difference between the substances that are causing the clog and the pipe itself. Therefore, using cleaners of this kind on a regular basis leads to pipe damage. The chemicals in these formulas essentially eat the pipe away over time, which ultimately results in leaks and an unavoidable repair bill.

Do Not Treat Drains Like Garbage Cans

Always avoid treating your drains like trash cans. If you allow things to go down the drain that should not, clogs will frequently occur. Such blockages place unnecessary pressure on your pipes. This eventually damages them and leads to expensive repairs. For this reason, it is best to refrain from allowing grease, food particles, or any other clog-creating substance to go down your drains.

Always Hire a Licensed Plumber for Repairs

Your leak may simply be due to a loose fitting. If this is the case, you can stop the leak immediately by grasping the loose fitting with a plumber’s wrench and tightening it to an appropriate setting. For situations such as hairline cracks, fractures, serious clogs, or burst pipes, a professional should be called. Never attempt to complete complicated plumbing projects without the help of a licensed plumber, as such action typically leads to costlier repairs in the future.

Leak detection plumbers in Orange County can locate and repair existing leaks, and we will even search for signs of other problems to ensure that additional issues do not develop in the future. Ultimately, a plumbing inspection almost always saves you a substantial amount of time and money and is one of the best preventative measures you can take to protect your home.