If you have ever spoken to a professional plumber, you know that cleaning your sewer line’s main drain is an important task that must be completed on a regular basis. This is because it prevents

Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer Line Clogged with Roots

sewer backups and gives you a good idea about the condition of the sewer line. Sometimes you may even discover that tree roots must be removed from the line. Regardless of how mild or serious a clog is, however, there are essentially two primary ways to clean the sewage line: snaking and hydro jetting. Plumbers in Laguna Niguel offer both methods and understanding the difference between the two can help you choose the appropriate technique for your sewer main line. A plumber can further assist you to make this decision.

The Snaking Technique

As mentioned above, snaking a sewer is one way to dislodge clogs at the stoppage point. In numerous instances, this service eliminates whatever problem you’ve been having. Snaking is completed with an auger, which is a long, steel cable with a coil at one end that resembles a cork-screw. When the auger is pushed through a clogged sewer line, the coiled end can cut or pierces the blockages it encounters and frees a clear path through the line.

Snaking is a tried-and-true technique for clearing sewer drain clogs. Overall, it is a gentle process and does not damage old or fragile pipes. However, it is important to understand that a snake merely dislodges the clog. It does not treat the underlying cause of the blockage. For example, if your waste-lines are clogged with scale or grease, a sewer snake cannot completely fix the issue.

Hydro Jetting and Camera Inspection

Jetting is a way to clean the line as well as prevent future plumbing issues. Keep in mind that it is first necessary to complete a camera inspection to best determine if you should run a jetting system through your waste lines. If the camera inspection shows a build-up of scale or grease, or if roots are present, the plumber will likely recommend jetting.

A very strong stream of water is used for hydro jetting, typically between 3,000 and 8,000 PSI. This stream of water is forceful enough to clear any obstructions, including hair, grease, and tree roots. This technique is very effective, and it is versatile enough to use in domestic or commercial sewer lines.

Choosing a Method

Basic clogs can be removed with snaking and jetting, and each will ultimately improve drainage speeds. Plumbers in Orange County will tell you that hydro jetting is the more powerful of the two

snake vs hydro jet

snake vs hydro jet

techniques, as it not only eliminates blockages, but reduces the natural buildup of minerals and grease as well. However, your problem may be mild, and jetting may not be necessary. It is recommended you get a free camera inspection from a license plumber when making this decision. Whether your sewer is draining slowly or is completely blocked, contact one of our professional plumbers for all your sewer cleaning needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the task is in the hands of an expert.