removable shower headThere is no reason to keep showering under an old, unattractive showerhead. If you want to save on your monthly water bill and improve the look of your bathroom, consider replacing your current showerhead with an energy efficient, low flow model or other new fixture of your choice. However, even though showerhead replacement is not a difficult process, mistakes are always a possibility. Therefore, following the advice of a professional is important. Below is a step-by-step procedure recommended by our expert plumbers in Laguna Niguel:

Removing the Old Showerhead

Your old showerhead should be removed with a wrench, but in order to avoid twisting the fixture and breaking it off the wall, keep a tight grip on the shower arm while completing this task. Inspect the shower arm threads and remove any old plumber’s tape, defective gaskets, and all dirt and debris that may have built up over time. After this, you should use Teflon or plumber’s tape to wrap the threads of the pipe.

Replacing the Shower Arm

If, upon removing the old showerhead, you discover that the shower arm is leaking or damaged, our plumbers in Laguna Niguel recommend following these steps to replace it:

Take a firm grip on the shower arm and unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction. Find the female fitting within the wall and clean out any debris or dust that may have coagulated in or around the opening. After this, wrap plumbing tape around the male end of the shower arm and screw in the new arm using a clockwise motion. Do not overtighten the arm, as this may cause it to break. 

Installing the New Showerhead

If the model you selected is a fixed-mount, it can typically be screwed on by hand. Simply position the new showerhead on the arm and turn it clockwise until it is secure. If you plan to install a hand-held model, screw the new shower head mount to the shower arm in a clockwise direction and then attach the shower hose to the mount. Regardless of which model you choose, you should closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which will provide additional details.

Our plumbers recommend checking for seal leaks at this time. If leaks are discovered, wrap the area with Teflon tape and tighten it carefully with an adjustable wrench until the leak stops.

Rain Showerheads

If you are considering a rain showerhead, make sure you find out in advance if your shower is large enough to accommodate its dimensions. You must also angle it appropriately when mounting it onto the arm. This is because water will only come out on one side if it is installed incorrectly. If you have concerns or questions with regard to showerhead replacement or want to have the job completed by a professional, contact one of our plumbers in Laguna Niguel who will be happy to assist you with this project or any other plumbing task.