Is Trenchless Technology right for you?

Trenchless Pipe Liner

Pipe damage and pipe failure are extremely difficult situations to deal with if you are not a professional plumber in Orange County. This is because there is no easy way to remedy such problems. Nevertheless, due to current advancements, you now have the option of trenchless technology, which may be financially beneficial.

Understanding Trenchless Technology

Although some may still regard it as the new kid on the block, trenchless technology has been around for quite some time, and is enjoying increasing popularity among homeowners and business owners. This is because this option allows you to avoid digging and the subsequent need for landscape repair that typically follows.

The costliest components of conventional dig-and-replace pipe repair are not the tools or materials used, but the displacement of earth, labor, and the significant number of hours spent restoring the bad pipes. Traditional pipe repair is usually 25-30 percent costlier than trenchless alternatives. With trenchless technology, technicians use liquid epoxy-resin solutions to cure new pipe sections in place within the damaged line. This is done through tiny entry points or even pre-existing points of entry and no digging is needed.

Trenchless vs. Traditional and Cost Differentials

The skills and equipment necessary for trenchless pipe repair may cost more than traditional repairs at the lower end of the price range, but this typically balances out when you reach the higher end: on average, trenchless pipe repair generally runs about $6,000-$12,000, while dig-and-replace repairs usually fall somewhere between $4,000-$16,000, with the higher end of the range accounting for manual digging. However, a lot also depends on whether or not driveways, sidewalks or utilities lie above the broken pipes. Additional labor, landscaping, and road closure also substantially contribute to the final cost of the job.

Choosing the Best Option

For shallow pipes with no obstructions or utilities nearby, manually digging through and replacing the pipes is typically more affordable than relining them internally via trenchless methods. On the other hand, if the pipes that were damaged are located underneath the sidewalk, beneath large trees, or under your driveway, dig-free pipe lining may put as much as $10,000 in repair costs back in your pocket.

Because the bill for the entire repair depends on multiple factors, the most important initial step is to find a qualified expert who can inspect your pipes and explain in detail what a trenchless pipe repair entails, as well as how the price compares to that of conventional pipe repair.

Following a nonintrusive video camera inspection by a plumber in Laguna Niguel, the most cost-effective repair option for your home can be identified. For this reason, a video inspection can potentially save you a significant amount of money in unnecessary landscaping costs. 

If you suspect you have a piping problem or need to repair sewer lines or pipes at your home or business, contact one of our qualified plumbers in Orange County to help you solve the problems, as well as prevent future issues.

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