kitchen sinkOur plumbers in Placentia can tell you firsthand that it is easier than you might think to keep your garbage disposal performing at an optimal level. One of the most important aspects of maintaining such an appliance is understanding what items should never be placed in the disposal. The latter include egg shells, fruit pits, bones, coffee grounds and any fibrous materials. Such items can cause clogs, dull the blades, or simply impede the garbage disposal’s overall performance. To clean the unit and get it smelling nice again, follow the steps outlined below:

Remove Lodged Objects

Find a small flashlight and point it down the drain to identify anything that may be wound around or lodged in the impellers. Look for items such as vegetable fibers, bones, bottle caps, or similar objects. Plumbers warn against placing your hand into the chamber of your garbage disposal, so make sure you use tongs or needle nose pliers to remove the aforementioned objects if any are discovered.

Flush the Unit With Water

Flushing the unit with water should be your next step, as this will dislodge any grime, dirt and loose food particles. The best way to flush this appliance is to plug the opening to the garbage disposal and fill the sink with approximately three inches of water. The water should be very hot, as this will liquefy any type of buildup on the inside of the pipes, such as grease or other film.

Use Salt and Ice Cubes

After you are finished flushing the unit, put approximately a dozen ice cubes and one cup of baking soda or salt into the garbage disposal. Noise is normal during this step, so do not be alarmed if it sounds quite loud. Remember to turn on the tap water during this step. This combination effectively removes debris and sludge from the disposal’s inner walls.

Scrub the Inner Walls Vigorously

The final cleaning step involves vigorously scrubbing the inner walls of the unit. As previously mentioned, however, do not place your hands inside a garbage disposal for any reason. Use a long handled scrubbing brush to remove any leftover film from the unit. Removing the drain’s screen from the top makes this step easier.

Keep the Unit Smelling Fresh

Once your garbage disposal is clean, you may find yourself looking for ways to keep it smelling good. To freshen up this appliance naturally, grind up approximately half a cup of citrus peels and place them down the garbage disposal. You can also add lavender oil, rosemary oil or essential orange oil to the mixture for an extra fresh fragrance. If you attempt to clean your garbage disposal and discover a serious clog or suspect that it needs repairs, always contact a professional plumber in Placentia. This will ensure that any problems are addressed by an expert and repaired in a timely manner.