Woman Plunging DrainIn most cases, blocked drains are caused by throwing items that cannot be dissolved into your drain. Lots of people think that liquids are safer on plumbing because it’s in your house but you will be surprised to learn that there are many everyday products and liquids that can cause major problems in your plumbing. Here are household items that do not belong in your drain.

Paper Towels, Wet Wipes and Cotton Balls

Toilet paper is designed to be flushed down the toilet since it breaks down when it comes into contact with water; however, other paper objects are more durable, and instead of dissolving in your drain, they tend to block up the pipes, and this increases the probability of sewer backup and ultimately overflow. And if this happens, you’ll need a lot more paper towels to sort it out.

Fact, Grease and Cooking Oil

Over time, any type of cooking fat will create a build up and lead to a blocked kitchen sink as well as blocked drains. Some of these items may be composted however they may also attract animals. There are several options for better disposal such as community center recycling as they accept this compost for bio-diesel purposes.

Hair and Dental Floss

Our plumbers know that it’s not realistic to think that people can keep every strand of hair out of the bathroom sink, or shower drain. However you should avoid throwing bunches of hair down your drain to the best of your ability. The same applies to dental floss since both hair and dental floss can stick to the inside of your pipes on their way down and ultimately cause a blockage.


Although it’s common sense to most people that diapers do not belong down the drain, you may be unpleasantly surprised at how many people actually consider and actually throw diapers down the drain. The same goes for feminine hygiene products. Once these products get clogged in your drain, a  plumber will have to be called. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that a plunger can dislodge. In lots of cases, diapers and feminine hygiene products tend to get stuck deep into your pipes, and a professional may actually have to tear up your lawn to fix the problem.

Coffee and Eggshells

Lots of people are under the perception that coffee ground and eggshells belong in your garbage disposal. However, the opposite is true. These items often cause clogged drains and build up a blockage in your plumbing that could end up causing you a lot of damage and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Therefore it is advisable that these kitchen scraps are composted instead.


Believe it or not, lots of people pour paint down the sink. Under no circumstances are you supposed to pour paint down your drain. Instead, you should take it to your local community recycling center as it can negatively impact the ecosystems and the water supply in your community.

Cleaning Products

Although cleaning products are designed to clean your surfaces inside the home, many of them contain harmful chemicals and phosphates that ultimately affect the environment negatively. Some of these products combine in your drain and create a corrosive substance that eventually weakens your pipes.

So as you can see, it counts to use your discretion when it comes to what items to dispose of through your drain and what not to. Our plumbers in Ladera Ranch encounter a lot of home owners who are simply unaware that certain items can be harmful to plumbing, so we hope this article helps to prevent some future plumbing problems.