Financial Impact of Water Damage

Water damage has a surprising impact on a variety of areas in your home. Plumbers in Laguna Niguel can verify that water damagethis impact also carries a hefty price tag in many cases. For instance, the water that accumulates from a small leaking pipe can damage the subfloor of a room, as well as its drywall. It may even lead to the need for professional mold remediation. Similarly, a failing dishwasher not only means the appliance itself must be replaced – it may also result in additional damage to your kitchen. Leak detection plumbers in Orange County can tell you that none of these repairs are cheap. This may leave you wondering exactly what the average repair costs are, and the best way to prevent such damage in the first place. Below are some ballpark figures regarding how much you can expect to spend on water damage repairs:

Average Cost of Water Damage

Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1100-$4400 to clean up water damage and make repairs. However, another way to estimate your total bill is to measure the number of square feet that were affected by the water and the subsequent damage it caused. You must also factor in the overall severity of the damage. For example, if you catch the problem early, when the leak or other issue is relatively small, you can expect a lower bill than if a major leak caused damage to the subflooring, insulation and walls.

Estimating Cost Based on Water Source

Cleanup costs also factor in significantly to your final water damage bill. Just as there are different types of damage associated with water, there are also different types of water itself. When leaks occur, the water can usually be placed in one of three categories: clean water, gray water, or black water.

As its name implies, clean water refers to water that is relatively uncontaminated. For example, in most cases, the water that goes to faucets, water heaters, dishwashers or washing machines does not usually pose a threat to the inhabitants of the home. If the water damage is the result of this kind of water and is treated in a timely fashion, the cost associated for the repairs is typically around $3.75 per square foot. Property that has been damaged by clean water can be saved in most cases. Gray water is usually that which flows away from a sink, washing machine, dishwasher or similar source and is therefore contaminated with synthetic or organic substances. The cleanup cost associated with damage from gray water is approximately $4.50 per square foot. Sometimes it is impossible to save personal property that has been damaged by this type of water. Not surprisingly, black water is responsible for the most expensive cleanup bills, averaging about $7.00 per square foot. Black water is usually extremely unsanitary and comes from toilets, contaminated groundwater, or similar sources. It is virtually guaranteed to cause sickness or discomfort, as it almost always contains harmful bacteria or fungi. It is not typically possible to save personal property damaged by black water.

Factoring in Mold Remediation

Another consideration to which thought must be given is the price tag associated with mold remediation. Water DamageMold begins to proliferate within 24 to 48 hours in moist areas. The cost of mold removal usually falls between $2,200 and $6,000, if a significant area is affected. Mold can lead to serious health problems, and extensive repairs might be necessary if water is not quickly removed. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may be wise to ask your insurance company about your various options if mold remediation is necessary.

Best Ways to Prevent Water Damage

Instead of waiting until water damage has taken place, addressing potential problems in advance is your best course of action. Whether you have concerns about a moist basement, leaking pipes, or failing appliances, it is always better to contact a licensed plumber for an evaluation, rather than taking your chances. Not surprisingly, the cost associated with preventative measures is much lower than the price of repairs.

Invest in Smart Water Sensors for Immediate Notification of a Problem

With advancements in technology, you can now be notified at once if a leak is detected. Today’s smart water sensors offer an alert by phone if such an incident is underway. This allows you to respond more quickly than you would have been able to in the past, which lowers your repair bills in most cases. For example, if a pipe bursts in the basement while you’re at work, it would normally be hours until you discover the problem. With a smart water sensor, you receive an alert instantly, thus significantly lessening the water damage in most instances. Battery operated water sensors of this kind cost anywhere from $20-$100.

Consider an Automatic Sump Pump if You Live in a Flood Zone

If you live near a river or beach, or if your home is located in or near a flood zone or below sea level, an automatic sump pump is a terrific option. Many of today’s models are designed to turn on automatically when they detect water. Naturally, installation is sometimes a complicated process, and because the pump requires electricity, you should have a generator or backup power source if your electricity goes out. The average cost of having such a device installed is approximately $1000, and should always be done by a licensed contractor or plumber in Orange County.

The Importance of Maintaining Exterior Drainage Systems

Potential damage from rain, a high-water table, or other environmental sources of water damage can be reduced byfrench drain simple strategies. For instance, keeping downspouts and gutters clean and free of debris can help direct rainwater away from the home’s foundation. If you have serious environmental concerns regarding flooding, consider landscaping your property differently or grading it to keep the water away. It may also be possible to prevent water damage through the installation of a French drain that redirects water in the opposite direction of the house via gravity. There is a broad range of costs associated with these measures, from $100-$5,000.

Finally, never try to tackle serious repairs as do-it-yourself projects, as this usually leads to unsatisfactory results. Always contact professional plumbers in Laguna Niguel if you are concerned about leaks or need an estimate on water damage repair.

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