Man repairing sinkDrain clogs are quite common and can occur in your home every now and then, depending on a variety of factors. We realize that preventing or planning in advance for plumbing issues is not always possible. However, because drains are such a crucial part of daily life, you typically notice it immediately when one begins to clog. Our plumbers in Laguna Niguel have responded to several prevalent questions that numerous homeowners have asked about drain cleaning:

What is that “gurgling” sound when I flush the toilet?

We’ve covered this topic before in our blog regarding common plumbing noises and their meaning.

A gurgling noise is a telltale sign that a clog or plumbing ventilation problem may be occurring before the drain is vented. Once you hear this particular sound or notice water beginning to bubble in the shower when the toilet is flushed, call a plumber in Laguna Niguel without delay, as you likely have a drain problem underway.

How do I get rid of that foul odor coming from my garbage disposal?

Fortunately, you can implement an effective home remedy to resolve this problem. Simply place ice cubes in the disposal and turn it on for approximately 30 seconds. This helps eliminate debris and buildup on your disposal’s blades. After the ice cubes have been run through the system, flush it with cold water to remove any left over debris.

You may also find it helpful to cut small pieces of a lemon to run through your disposal as well.

Should I use a liquid drain cleaner for a clogged sink or slow drain?

Our plumbers in Laguna NIguel have cautioned property owners before about the dangers of chemical drain cleaners. We know that it’s tempting to buy a $5 solution to your clogged drain — but using these types of drain cleaners could potentially cost you a fortune in the future. The chemicals contained in the formula cannot effectively remove the clog in its entirety. In addition, your pipes may sustain damage from these same chemicals. In certain cases, the lining of your pipes may erode if you overuse liquid drain cleaner.

What are some day to day measures I can take to prevent drain clogs?

Garbage Disposal

Minimizing the amount of food particles that go into your garbage disposal is a good place to begin to prevent the unit from becoming clogged. Our plumbers advise our clients to avoid putting starchy foods, grease, and fibrous or stringy vegetables down the disposal.

Sink and Bathtub

The easiest way to prevent clogs in a bathtub or sink is to make sure you always have strainers in place. The latter stop unwanted materials, such as hair, from traveling into and clogging the drain.


Always follow the golden rule of flushing only human waste and toilet tissue down the commode. You should even avoid placing “flushable” wipes in the toilet bowl, as many are not actually flushable after all.

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