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Have your water bills gone up? Have you seen signs of a leak but aren’t sure where the water is coming from? Murphy & Sons Plumbing offers free leak detection to help you determine the source of the problem. There are occasions when homeowners will notice water pooling under a sink but aren’t sure what the cause is. Other times, you might notice a high water bill that could be related to a plumbing leak outside of the house. We will also look for leaks within a slab.

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5 reasons to schedule an appointment for leak detection

5 reasons to schedule an appointment for leak detection

While plenty of homeowners will act quickly to fix a leak they can see, sometimes the problems actually exist in the areas they don’t notice. Along with lowering your water bills, there are plenty of reasons to get leak detection done, including:

  1. Knowing your water is safe to drink
  2. Protecting the environment around your property
  3. Preventing more expensive repairs down the road
  4. Preventing damage to someone else’s property
  5. Maximizing the pressure and function of your water supply

Don’t let a leak impact your daily life. Contact Murphy & Sons Plumbing today for leak detection and repairs.